Weekly Treasure Challenge

One of my journalling books called “Journal Sparks” by Emily K. Neuburger has an awesome challenge called “Weekly Treasure Challenge”. The idea is to discover at least one treasure per week. But what exactly does she mean by “treasure”? Neuburger writes “The treasure does not have to be tangible…It could be a…discovery, a conversation, a song.”

I do this on an informal basis, often finding more than one treasure a week, but I think it’s good to remind myself to find at least one treasure a week, because I may forget if I am having a rough week, and those are the most important weeks to do so. It’s important for mental health to keep wonder in our lives no matter what’s going on.

My first weekly treasure that I am going to share with you is the 10 week University of Pennsylvania course Modern & Contemporary American Poetry (“ModPo”). Yes, a poetry course. I’m not a big fan of poetry analysis, but I’ve been entranced by how it’s done in this course. Part philosophy, part history, I’ve already learned a lot, and I’m only in the first unit. I have become more convinced how important poetry is in our lives. 

The course is free on Coursera and you can join in when it’s actually being run “live” (September through November) or do it on your own time. 

What treasure have you discovered this week?

Bonus treasures: This morning I allowed myself to wander, which I don’t let myself to do often enough. When I returned home, I wrote a list poem called “10 Treasures on my Walk Today”.  One treasure was the squirrel I found “chilling” (as my daughter would say) in a newly discovered oak tree, and I spotted the creature only because I took the time to slow down and really look at the tree, which included looking up into its branches.

Another treasure I found today.

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