Five Fall Favourites

Today I’m going to celebrate one of my favourite seasons, fall!

Here are my five favourite things about fall.


Whether you love them coloured or crunchy, leaves are fall’s version of flowers. I love walking and admiring the vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds at this time of year. 

Squashes and Pumpkins

This a great time of year whether you are eating them or carving them. My favourite squash is sweet potato squash, also called delicata, and I cannot get enough of them.

My Thanksgiving minis


Fall always reminds me of the one wild mushroom my parents picked called “shaggy mane”. Alas, we have lost our source, but now I am learning about other mushrooms in an effort to expand my culinary horizons.

Most bark mushrooms are not edible

Corn Mazes

I have loved corn mazes ever since the craze first started, and I enjoy puzzling through one at least once a year.



’Tis the season for sunshiny sunflowers. Another thing I cannot get enough of, I visit as many fields as I can. I wish I could grow them, but alas the squirrels love them as much as I do.

Lochland Botanicals

What’s your favourite thing about fall? 

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