Noticing Nature

These past couple of weeks I have been involved in an experiment. One of my teachers, Shelagh Smith, a horticultural therapist, had us take pictures of nature scenes that evoked strong emotions in us. Why? Based on this study, she told us that “what we pay attention to in our environment impacts how we feel”. What made a significant difference to feelings of well being? Paying attention to nature.

Here are some of the pictures I have taken recently that have brought me joy:

Falling or landed? I laughed out loud at this leaf on my windshield, which looks like it is suspended in mid air.
I’ve been doing two things lately: looking up and also visiting old trees in my neighbourhood. How old this tree must be!
This spider is sheltering in one of my morning glories. Yay!
Shadows have been on my mind lately. These are some of my indoor plants.
Surprised and delighted to see my age 55+ cactus bloom after I brought it inside.

Why not give the experiment a try and see how you feel.

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