WOW Blog Tour: The Little Book of Big Knowing

“Easy-Peasy Joy.

Paying attention to what you like leads to a life of joy. Little by little, notice the things you like—the shiny, silver fish painting on the wall, the smell of honeysuckle on a summer’s day, lightning bugs at dusk, baking cinnamon rolls.

The world is full of delights that are here to please you. When you choose to notice them, your life automatically becomes happier. Easy-peasy joy.”

The is one of my favourite passages from “The Little Book of Big Knowing” by Michelle Sammons. It encapsulates what I have been trying to do lately in my life, and I find myself becoming happier as I follow this philosophy. 

The book is like a bar of chocolate; it’s meant to be savoured in small nibbles or perhaps, on tougher days, to be devoured in big bites. Some insights were reminders of concepts I have already discovered—like the passage above—and others introduced me to powerful new ways of thinking, like the next passage:

“What if there isn’t one right choice of how to live your life? What if there is not a giant door with a sign on it that reads The Right Choice—this way?What if finding your purpose, career, or mate is more about making little decisions every day that feel good and naturally shift you into a place of Soul-alignment?”

So I find myself now making more little decisions to move myself to where I want to go instead of fretting over the sometimes overwhelming big picture.

“…You have my permission to take what resonates and chuck the rest…” writes Sammons, which is a refreshing philosophy. You are sure to find something that soothes your soul in the book, and maybe like me will want to read the book again and again, whether in little chunks or big. I really hope that Sammons writes a follow up or two to “The Little Book of Big Knowing”.

Please note: I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review.

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About the Book

The Little Book of Big Knowing is filled with tiny bursts of insight to nourish your heart, warm your Soul, and help you to remember your true self. 

If you find yourself asking big, deep life questions like, “What’s my purpose?” and “Why am I here?” then you’ll want to curl up with The Little Book of Big Knowing.

Three reasons why you’ll love this book:

• It includes gentle reminders of why you are here, who you are at your core, and why your dreams matter to more than just you.

• This book will help you to look at life in a light-hearted, joyful way. Consider it spirituality with a playful twist!

• And the best part is, the book is written in short bursts you can read in any order. So you can pick it up, read a little bit, put it down, and come back to it when you’re ready for more!

This book is perfect someone who wants a little dose of playful spirituality every day to remind them of the bigger picture.

 About the Author

Michele makes her home in Memphis, Tennessee, with husband Scott and chocolate Labrador, Dewey. The Little Book of Big Knowing is Michele’s first book, but probably not her last. You can discover more about Michele’s work on her website:

Shoe’s Seeds & Stories

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