My Word of the Year for 2022

Drum roll, please. It’s the grand unveiling of my word of the year for 2022.

Yes, Magic! After a very tough 2021 where I did a lot of unexpected (and necessary and beneficial) work, I need some Magic in my life.

2021’s word, which was Nurture, did work for me, as I learned how to nurture myself in healthy ways. The year before my word was Focus, and I would definitely say it was the most focussed year I had in a long time. So I am hoping that this year will be the same, and I will see more Magic in my life.

I had originally decided to do a post on 22 goals for 2022, a suggestion by Gretchen Rubin, but I have decided that I want to pursue my “Sustainable Urban Horticulture Certificate” at the University of Guelph, and as I am going to be taking two courses in January, I don’t want to overload myself.

However, there are two goals that I am going to set for 2022 and those are:

Study 12 plants
I want to continue studying plants similar to how I did in my “Exploratory Herbal Mentorship”. First up in January is dandelion.

So hardy that they are even blooming in December!

Read 22 of my own books
Similar to the Mount TBR challenge that I didn’t complete in 2021 (although I did read 12: Yay me!), except my rules will be laxer. I can count books I have bought in that year. As well, I won’t set goals in other genres like in 2021.

As mentioned in my last blog post, I am also a member of the “Kindred Readers Book Club”, and I’m doing a monthly “In my Backyard” challenge. I will continue to review books from WOW (first up in February is “Mindset Medicine: A Journaling Power Self-Love Book”). I will also continue to meet weekly with my book club and critique partner, Bev. However, if that isn’t enough, I still have my original list of my 22 goals for 2022 that I can fall back on.

What about you? Have you chosen a word of the year or guiding word for 2022? I’d love to hear about it.

One more blog post for 2021! See you next week for my last Bookish Resolutions Wrap-up.

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