“Our Own Backyard” Challenge, Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the “Our Own Backyard” challenge, in which my friend Bev and I will share pictures of our backyards during the seasons.

Same City
2 Friends
2 Yards

The idea is to document a part of our backyards every season for a year. I had decided to document our European Linden tree and how it changes throughout the seasons. Looking at it yesterday though, I noticed that there has been almost no change in the three months since I first posted.

True, there is less snow on the tree. And there are some daffodils in the background.
Some budding is happening.

This has been a tough spring. It’s been cold with lots of late snowfall. I feel bad for some of my spring flowers, which have not been thriving.

I had meant to concentrate on my Linden tree in this challenge, but as there has not been much change, I am going to post some pictures from other changes happening in the backyard.

The violets have been prolific this year.
I always love how eye popping my forsythia is.

So change is happening, just slower with my Linden tree. I’m excited to see how much different my Linden tree will be in three months from now.

Head on over to Bev’s post to see how much her gardens have changed.

What’s it look like in your corner of the world?

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5 thoughts on ““Our Own Backyard” Challenge, Part 2

  1. bevbaird

    Love those violets. My purple flowers have started blooming as well. So many signs that spring has finally sprung! Can’t wait to see your linden tree full of leaves.

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