Poetry Ponderings

Lately I’ve become interested in learning how to write poetry. I’ve given it a sporadic shot over the past few years, but now it’s become a focus of mine. I’ve even thought about making “poetry” my word of the year for 2023 (although magic wasn’t all that successful for 2022…)

I liken poets to jesters in the court. Jesters can say what they want without retribution from their leaders, and they often do so in a clever and/or hilarious way. So too are today’s poets able to critique current conditions, calling attention to culture’s conundrums.

I am particularly interested in Ecopoetry. I have been concerned about the environment for many years, but now it has become a burning issue for me. If you have any suggestions about books that you recommend, please let me know.

Consider the housing crisis. Yes, I understand we need more houses, especially affordable ones, but why do I never hear about the balance between construction and the environment?

Build, build, build
We need more houses, they say
So let’s build, build, build
But what about the animals?
Did you ask them about their houses?

That’s my first draft of a poem that has been circling through my mind for some time now. I tend to stick with my first drafts, but certainly I realize that there is much room for improvement. I don’t pretend I am an awesome poet, I am just a curious poet.

So I decided to do something I promised myself I wouldn’t do—because I am a recovering courseaholic—yes, I signed up for another course. True, this one is free through Coursera. It’s called “Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop”, and it’s a California Institute of the Arts course. I am excited yet scared, as we will actually be sharing our poems, which will be critiqued. Deep breath. I can do it!

I also am in the midst of another free course through Coursera, which is the famous “ModPo” one from University of Pennsylvania. Admittedly I have been stuck on that one for some time. I am 20% through—perhaps I will give it another try.

A book I have been reading that I have found helpful despite its dubious title is “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing Poetry” by Nikki Moustaki. I have borrowed the e-book, but I think I will buy my own copy.

I hope to touch base with my poetry discoveries through my blog.

What about you? Do you write poetry? Is there a new adventure you are on? I love to read your comments.

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6 thoughts on “Poetry Ponderings

  1. Jennifer R

    Good luck with your course! I like poetry, and aspired at one time or another to write it but never that seriously.

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