Introducing “Free Verse Fridays” 2023

Introducing our new challenge this year…Free Verse Fridays.
You may remember that last year my writing partner Bev and I did “Our Own Backyard” as our 2022 challenge. This year we are changing focus, and we are going to be doing a poetry challenge once a month. Yay!
Did you want to play along? We’d love to have you. If so, these are the parameters. Pick a picture related to the theme for the month. Then write a free verse poem related to the picture and the theme. Then on the first Friday of the month, post your picture and poem on your blog.
The themes for the first three months are as follows:
Leave a comment on one of our blogs, linking to your blog. If you don’t have a blog, then feel free to put the picture and the poem in the comments.
I’m going to give you a preview of two pictures I am considering using for the first poem, which I will post on Friday. Now I’ll need to actually write the poem on the theme of “Beginnings”. Stay tuned.

I’ll meet you here next week, and I hope to see a poem from you too!

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4 thoughts on “Introducing “Free Verse Fridays” 2023

  1. Jennifer Reichow

    What a great idea! I’d like to do something similar because I need to get back into a dedicated writing practice.


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