Free Verse Friday—January 2023

It’s our first Free Verse Friday. Yay! This month’s theme is “Beginnings”.

I started writing my poem during Beth Kempton’s “Winter Writing Sanctuary”. This was a free 10 day writing “retreat”. I liked it so much, that I ordered a couple of Kempton’s books including “The Way of the Fearless Writer”, which has yet to arrive.

Here’s the picture to accompany my poem:

Several rewrites later, this is the poem I came up with:

Eye popping sunset
Cues the demise of a day
Darkness rises, night’s born
Is the sun glum that day ends?
Or does the sun celebrate
the beginning of the night?

In future rewrites I may add more description, but for now I am happy with the beginning of a new poem.

How about you? Did you write a poem? Feel free to post one in the comments or link to your blog with your poem in the comments.

Don’t forget to head to Bev’s blog to read her poem.

See you next month for a poem written on the theme of “Winter”.

Shoe’s Seeds and Stories
@Copyright 2023 Linda Schueler


6 thoughts on “Free Verse Friday—January 2023

  1. Miva

    Our lives are filled with infinite beginnings
    Yet this world is temporary
    Each moment must be savoured to its fullest
    Each breath must be breathed with open hearts
    And each year must be celebrated as if it is our last
    But the end is also a beginning
    Our souls will leave our vessels of flesh behind
    And they will soar to wherever they may go
    The Fields of Asphodel
    The Duat
    The stars
    Or simply the ground
    Or, perhaps, they may end up in Hel
    Also known as Helheim
    Where the Norse goddess Hel reigns
    And will reign
    Until Ragnarök
    It is where the ordinary soul will end up
    To ever wander in the dark, misty plains
    Because if one enters Helheim
    Not even a god can leave
    So if you’re not planning to be killed valiantly in battle
    This is your last beginning
    Until the end of the worlds
    There is an innate duality in death
    As there is in the goddess Hel
    Half of death is unbearable gorgeous
    The graveyard as the sun shines through the mist
    The transition into the beyond
    The freeing of our mortal chains
    The other half is appallingly morbid
    Bones crumbling as flesh decays
    Screaming as the life leaves someone’s eyes
    The bitterness of someone gone too soon
    Hel is split down the middle
    Half of her is hauntingly beautiful
    The maiden in every love story
    The other half is a decaying mass of flesh
    Hardly humanoid at all
    And yet to embrace death
    You must embrace both sides
    You must embrace the duality
    You must embrace it all to find your new beginning
    The last beginning

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