One Word: March 2023 Update

I have an abundance of snowdrops in my front garden.

This month we were asked by Lisa Notes to mine our word of the year (mine is Abundance) for hidden gems.

  1. First, we were asked to look our word up in the dictionary to see if it had more than one meaning.

This is the definition of abundance, according to
-an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply: an abundance of grain.
-overflowing fullness: abundance of the heart.
-affluence; wealth: the enjoyment of abundance.

I liked the definition of “overflowing fullness” the best.

  1. Next, we were asked to look up synonyms. I found many in
    affluence, bounty, myriad, plenty, plethora, profusion, prosperity, riches, wealth, ampleness, copiousness, fortune, opulence, plenitude, prosperousness, thriving

We were asked to pick out a back up word, and I actually like thriving (or thrive) the best, although it is the word on the list that is farthest in meaning. This is because I often feel I am in survival mode instead of thriving. Sound wise, my favourite word is plethora. It just sounds so great on the tongue.

  1. Finally, we were asked to look up antonyms, and this is what had to say, from most to least relevant:
    few, lack, little, need, poverty, scarcity, want (dearth, deficiency, inadequacy)

Again, I found the ones that were least relevant, such as deficiency and inadequacy to be the most insightful. I don’t feel a sense of poverty or scarcity, but instead inadequate. Hmmm…interesting. On the other hand, I don’t feel worthy of an abundance of money, and that is also something I have wanted to examine this year.

What about you? Did you come up with any insights?

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4 thoughts on “One Word: March 2023 Update

  1. bevbaird

    Great insights Linda. Love plethora too, as well as thrive. I have used that one as OLW. We all need to thrive and have an abundance of experiences, love, hugs.

  2. Lisa notes...

    “Overflowing fullness” – I like this definition best too. Thriving is such a powerful word too. I’ve thought about using it at some point myself. I appreciate you sharing these insights and adding this post to our One Word linkup!


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